jueves, 11 de febrero de 2016

Keep your eyes open

It's only you it's only me,
the line is forever,
into submission,
burning hell
surrounding  my life again,
spring everdone,
it's scream time again,
for this sky,
all hopes coming into the earth,
river of my sence,
frozen angel
I am the man
beautifull lies of you,
grow your heart
inside my head,
slippy born again,
call my doock to close,
you are my sea and my boat,
silent scope you imagine all,
shipper close,
I am starting these,
can hold my arms,
the night sounds again,
my killing time,
of sorrow,
and my tenderness floating by,
upgrade my destiny,
I am forever,
I am your pain,
I am walking your street,
open skyes,
fly again inside my brain,
blood is drank
by my vampire in vein
beautifull eyes,
beautifull mouth,
it's time for eternity,
I am forever,
past my time at the stone,
broken eye on ice,
my eyes on fire,
burn the sky again,
I will your breath,
I will your strenght ,
eye blind,
my silent dream of you,
my spirit fly again,
water, fire, earth, wind
my soul is creating a new kingdom,
full of pain walk walk don't stop
it's my power of the light
inside this night.
Doom I will forever in your blood.

El Castellano y Leannán-Sídhe

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