miércoles, 10 de febrero de 2016


Inside my head
there is something climbing by,
calling and calling again
my body assemble
calling to the earth, wind and fire,
kissing my self control,
art of conflict my self control
loosing my old blind generation lost,
full of pain it's runnig again,
restores my mind,
inside my body to the earth,
love shoots again,
you are my soul,
you are my pain,
I don't belive in me
this kind of brightness,
killing and killing once more,
I'm loosing control,
my delight,
my espirit
walking by the streets walks alone,
I could never be the same,
involve me in magic,
I will shaman of the new wind,
sadness could describe you,
in my floor healing insane thing nevermore,
and nevermore be the same,
I need darkness. I need shadows
to sleep and oncemore wake up for be the light,
in my darkness nights I will be with you,
my wonderfull,
my bright of shadow of my tenderness,
climbing the line of the horizont,
killing my eyes of full hope,
be my ilusion nevermore,
my kind of flower of this light surrounding dead earth
of dreams , thoughts this kind of madness
killing and killing my self life
because myself is yours
and you surrounds me
mother of darkness.

El Castellano y Leannán-Sídhe

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