miércoles, 10 de febrero de 2016

dead man

Don't dissturb me,
I'm floating up to the moon,
my lonelines is eating my nervous tense,
and by hand I'm walking alone this earth,
an iron knife it's rising up,
for these loose feeling,
darkness it's my life,
Withought her nothing it's possible
on my mind
this kind of madness
running by,
fighting for the steel,
discover my unsence
unlooking my dook,
don't wake me up,
just rememember what I said,
don't wake me up
I cant feel in this silence,
if you are there,
I'm dead,
never been so strong,
just remember who I sent,
just remember who I was
don't break me up,
the moon the stars I touching,
to discober me,
to discober that I don't feel again,
I'm sweet loose
in my way,
I discover that I'm dead.
Rise me up to the numbs,
down me prays of the skyes,
the product it's my silent life
down to the darkness nights
of sorrows,
the only one diference of me and you
is I feel in dark night
because my eyes don't open
and see my life in black,
I am dead for this silent time,
back guard your feelings,
I  don't walk anymore time,
and I loke my time,
shooting and shooting the light.

El Castellano y Leannán-Sídhe

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